The World Rally Championship is the toughest test on earth for man and machine , its history full of legends, famous teams and spectacular cars. Now you can discover all of them in RallyGalaxy. Navigate through each race, uncovering details about the winners, the crews, the cars, the stages of each race, and much more. Find specific technical details about each car, flip through hundreds of photo galleries, learn about each driver’s personal records, find lists of all-time winners, compare drivers side by side and more. Information will be updated following future races to ensure that RallyGalaxy continues to be the greatest guide to rally history on earth.

Discover the complete history of World Rally Championship today! Rally Galaxy is the most comprehensive collection of WRC statistics in the world.

Celebrating the anniversary of 40 years of World Rally Championships, this app contains detailed stats from more than 500 rallies. Information is carefully organized by rallies, drivers, co-drivers and cars, making the complete history of rally racing easily accessible in this essential guide.


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